Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Line Plots...again!

I feel some of these blogging girls are putting me to shame.  I blog more while I am working full time than I do when I am off for summer break!  So, in my guilt, I have begun to think more about this upcoming school year and the implementation of the Common Core.  Earlier in the school year, I blogged about Line Plots and shared an activity that I created for my students/team to use.  You can read about that one here.  What I didn't share in that post, was a game that I created for my students to use in Math Workshop.  As I prepared for that unit, I continued to come up short in the game/activity area for line plots.  I don't know if it is because it is a relatively new standard.  Or, if people just couldn't figure out a way to make line plots fun.  Either way, our kids needed something.  I am not saying that this idea is the best game on Earth, or even that it is all that much fun. ( I mean, let's be honest, how much fun can you have with a game about line plots?)  But this is an activity that worked, it helped the students to apply what they've learned about line plots, and it is simple enough that I could put it in a math station and have the students play independently.  In my eyes, that's a win, win, win!  It is designed to be a laminated file folder game.  Don't you just love those!?!  Hop on over to my TpT site and pick yours up today before the school year begins!

Happy Plotting!

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