Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Anna Adjective

We have been busy reviewing our parts of speech.  It can be so boring can't it?  This week we have moved into adjectives.  In our experience, these are some of the hardest to teach.  They definitely don't know them from first grade either, so we straight up get to teach adjectives.  A few years ago, we came across the Suzie Adjective activity made by one of our favorites Hope King.  Check it out here!!!

Suzie Adjective

We loved this activity so much that we enlisted the help our our K-2 Literacy Lead teacher to come and visit the class.  Her name is Anna, so we renamed the activity Anna Adjective to fit her.

The kids LOVED her visit and we were so happy to have her.  The activities that go along with the visit are wonderful as well and we highly recommend them. Thanks Hope!!

Adjectives rule!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Map Skills

I'm Back!

I sure have missed all of you followers (if we still even have any).  I actually have really missed blogging.  It just has been a little low on my totem poll with all my things going on.  I am setting some personal goals for myself this year and blogging is back on as one of them!  I hope to be blogging regularly and sharing what we are doing in our class.  

Like Heather said, last year was one of the roughest years I have had in a long time.  But one of the best things about teaching is that we get a fresh start every year.  There really aren't very many professions that have that luxury.

We have been in school a little over 2 weeks and things are going so wonderfully! I am absolutely in love with my class!

This week we are studying maps!  One of the first things that I like to teach is Cardinal Directions.  I use the Dr. Jean song about directions.  Then we create a compass rose that they get to cut and paste and then color beautifully!  For being such slackers last year, I am giving this away for free!  Hope you enjoy it and can use it in your classroom!

See you soon!
 compass rose