Thursday, July 19, 2012

Garden Meet Up!

It seems like Heather and I have been taking our little summer trips on opposite weeks since school has been out.  While I was gone to the beach, she watered and took care of the garden.  When I got back, she left for the beach so I watered and took care of the garden.  When she got back, I headed to Florida for the week so she took care of it.  It's crazy that we are half way through July and we haven't even seen each other yet.  So, now that our vacations are over, we felt we needed to get together.  Yesterday was a great day to do it. We planned to meet in the garden and clear out two beds for us to plant pumpkins in!  This past October, I did a pumpkin math day where I had my students do experiments with pumpkins.  There are so many standards you can hit using a pumpkin, it's crazy.  I also teach a large non-fiction readers workshop unit at the same time so the integration is amazing!  As Heather and I have been planning, we thought that it would take this unit to the next level if the students could raise the pumpkins themselves and use the pumpkins for the pumpkin math day.  I think that they will absolutely LOVE it!  Unfortunately, since we aren't a year round school, it is hard for the students to see the entire life cycle of a pumpkin.  But there are only a few more weeks until we are back, so they will get to see most of it.  There are SO many ways that you can teach children through gardening and we are excited to have found yet another way!  Stop back in October to see how it turned out!!!

Heather and her two boys, Plus Juli's three kids enjoying a snack in the shade.
You can see our raised beds garden in the background.

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