Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inky Linky!


I am linking up with Mr. B's Beach Brains for an Inky Linky party. Teachers share the stories of the ink they have along with a picture. Juli doesn't have any tattoos and I have only one but that still qualifies us right?  It is located on my right ankle - kind of hard to tell from the picture.  My tattoo means a lot to me. I got it when I was going through a really hard time in my life.  It is the symbol for strength with Heather flowers wrapped around it.  It was to remind me that I have the strength to make it through anything in life.  I feel like it is a true reflection of me. I would love to have more but have no plans to do so.  I would really like another small one somewhere to represent my 2 boys. A friend of mine found an amazing tattoo on Pinterest (seriously is there anything you can't find there?) where you place a fingerprint from child laid over each other in the shape of a heart. How sweet is that?!  I struggle with my tattoo sometimes in the teaching field as I feel I may be judged for having it being a teacher and all.  My love of teaching children has been the same as it was before I got the tattoo so I don't think it makes me any less of a teacher. I will say that being a parent I don't ever want to expose other people's children to something they don't agree with.  So I do cover my tattoo with a band aid when it isn't covered by my clothes. None of my students have ever seen it.  I have had a few children ask why I always wear a band aid.  I just tell them to cover up a scar - sort of the truth right?  I love my tattoo even if I cover it because everyone has different values and children are impressionable.  I hope you have enjoyed the story behind my tattoo.

On a totally different note, we worked in the school garden today so be on the look out for a post from Juli if you have been following our garden adventures.

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