Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Sale and More

Good Morning Friends!
Does everyone have big plans for the big game tomorrow?  I am hosting a Super Bowl party at my house with some friends from my small group at church.  It should be a fun time.  I don't have any ties to either team, so I will be enjoying the company and commercials!  In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, Heather and I will both be participating in Teacher Pay Teacher's Super Sale tomorrow.  Head on over to our stores to pick up some of our great products for up to 28% off!!  I know we are excited to pick up some of the things we have been eyeing! (Thanks to Ashley Hughes for the cute button!)

Speaking of some products we've been eyeing, you might want to head over to see Rachel aka The Tattooed Teacher to pick up her cute Lil' Veggie Patch Cuties craftivity.  As you know, I love to garden with my class.  I love all of the standards you can teach through the garden!  We planted carrots, scallions, 3 types of lettuce, and peas.  We worked on partitioning rectangles into rows and columns.  We measured the distance between rows and seeds.  We used calendars to count days until germination and then harvesting.  We read Heroes of the Vegetable Patch.  A book you can get at your local IKEA.  Then we created How To Plant books and displayed them in the hallway with our cute Veggies!

We had such a great time getting our hands dirty!

Here are our charts that each group made!

If you like to garden with your kids, pick up your copy from Rachel!  It is on sale for the super sale as well!!!  I think Heather might pick it up too!  And don't forget to shop both heather and my store tomorrow for the Super Sale!!  You won't be disappointed!  

Happy Vegetable Gardening!


  1. Oh gosh. Yours turned out so cute! This is one of my favorite packs!! I wish we gardened more than we do right now! Thanks for posting the pictures

    1. Sure thing! I probably planted pretty early but since we are in NC I figured we had a good chance we may be done with frost. If not though, I chose some frost hearty plants! It was so much fun. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    3. Also, crazy question from some new bloggers. How did you know that we had linked you?