Sunday, February 3, 2013

Boys vs. Girls

Hope everyone is enjoying the Super Sale over at TPT! I know Juli and I have already purchased some stuff. 

Friday when Juli and I were at recess I was reminded how incredibly different boys and girls are.  Last year Juli and I were introduced to the idea of single sex classes.  We were fascinated at how different boys and girls learning requirements are.  Our school does not provide an opportunity to teach such classes but Juli and I talked at length about how I would LOVE an all boy class and Juli would LOVE an all girl class. So of course what happens? This year I get a girl heavy class and Juli gets a boy heavy class!  Neither of us were thrilled.  But we have pushed forward and gotten used to our roles.

But Friday when we were sitting together at recess, I was amazed at how different our roles are.  No lie - in a 30 minute period - these are the words that came out of our mouths to our children...
(Please keep in mind all these statements are made to different children - not the same ones over and over)

"Did your hand make contact with his face in anyway?"

"This is why we are not allowed to play with balls anymore!"

"Should your hands ever touch anyone else?"

"Why is he in tears and needing a bandaid?"

"If you can't control your body, you won't be allowed to play with them."

"I already told you several times that we aren't allowed to play with balls anymore."

"Is this drama or trauma?"

"You know I don't do drama."

"Just because you think they are lying doesn't mean you can call them liars."

"Why is it you think they are talking about you?"

"Why can't she play with y'all?"

"I know you are BFFs, but you have to be nice to everyone."

"I know you were stretching for gymnastics, but she was already in that spot."

So these comments pretty much sum up our days in our rooms.  Fun times for all! Speaking of boys not being able to keep their hands to own two boys are currently pushing over a super hero toy. BUT there is no drama involved so I can totally handle this!


  1. Nice phrases girls! You sound so nice and calm.
    I think I'd take the girls class...minus the drama.
    My Second Sense

  2. This is SOOOO true! I have 23 students only 7 are girls! Totally different dynamic this year! They are very loud and very wiggly!

  3. I teach 4th grade and have very similar conversations! Love your blog, your newest follower!