Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Many Reasons We are Ready for Spring Break!

Happy Thursday!
We are teaming up tonight for a post of several reasons why we are SO ready for Spring Break!  We don't know about you but our kids are all sorts of CUH-RAZY!  Anyone else feeling this? 

Juli is busy with her daily boy statements!  Keeping our hands to ourselves, appropriate behavior in the bathroom, and frequent questions like, "Does this classroom look like the playground?!" Frequent the day. 

Heather is keeping up with her DRAMA as usual. "No, I rolled my eyes because you said my idea was dumb." "No you rolled your eyes before I said anything." "You just don't want to me nice to me because you are all BFF with her now." These are of course the girls talking - Heather barely gets a word in when the drama is full force.

It just can get so exhausting some times!

Reason #1- We are ready for Spring Break is the fact that I (Juli) am currently typing this blog post at 6:30 pm at night while SITTING in Heather's classroom.  Heather is sitting at her U table grading papers while we listen to Pandora.  Both of us have literally been in the school building for 12 hours.  Why are we here, you ask?  I am so glad you asked that question!  Our kids are performing tonight for the PTO board meeting and we are required to be here.  Thankfully, our husbands came to the rescue with our children and allowed us to eat dinner at Chick Fil-A and get some much needed work done in our classrooms.

Reason #2- Our children are leaving flatulent notes for other students.  What is this, you ask?  We didn't think you'd believe us so here is evidence.  Our classes rotate to differentiated reading groups each day.  When Heather's group of kids came to her class, a little girl brought the note to Heather and said, "This was on the desk where I sit, and it does kinda smell over there!"  While Heather is thrilled with the majority of the sight words spelled correctly and it has a correct contraction, it is just evidence of the day to day things we are dealing with!

                                                   "Don't sit here cause I farted"

Reason #3- I can't keep a straight face during book clubs. We are introducing the concept of book clubs and discussions about books.  I (Heather) have been using thick questions as a starting point.  The groups read an agreed upon number of pages and then have to think of two thick questions to bring back to discuss.  That alone has been difficult.  FINALLY today we had a breakthrough. Someone had a thick question and we had a discussion.  All names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Me: "Ben share your great thick question with the group."
Ben: "Why is Jim so mean to Junie B.?"
Steven: "Because she is mean to him."
Ben: "No because sometimes he is mean to her and she hasn't even been mean to him yet."
Sarah: "Maybe because he just doesn't like her."
Me: "Well let's look at how old Jim is in the story. He is in Kindergarten and most boys in Kindergarten don't really like playing with girls. Maybe it's just because he is a boy and doesn't know what great friends girls can be."
Ben: "But I liked playing with girls in Kindergarten. Except Sally. She was annoying."
Steven: "Yeah, she was not nice!"

Now keep in mind Sally is our class and working at a station 2 feet away while this conversation is going on.  I know I'm not suppose to laugh, but I could not keep a straight face! I just ended book club right there. Where can you go with that?

And although we have many more reasons, our time for the performance has come.  Happy ALMOST Friday!


  1. Never a dull moment in second grade, is there?! It makes me wonder what non-teachers talk about at lunch...

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. I'm totally with Sara, too... What in the world would anyone who doesn't teach have to talk about?? We have such fantastic stories to share! Especially great "smelly" ones ;)

  3. Yes, sounds like spring break can't come soon enough for you ladies! Out of the mouths of babes...!!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized