Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quick Hello!

Happy Tuesday!

I am just popping in quickly to share a new product I made this week focusing on place value.  Those tricky little Numbers and Base Ten standards (NBT) are keeping my kids in full- fledged work mode these days.  I am just so thankful that the Common Core allows us to slow down and teach things so much more in depth than we have had in the past!  Since we have Halloween coming up, I thought a web themed pack would be fun.  Here are two games that will help with you with standards this year.  Hop on over to my TPT store!  On a completely unrelated note, did anyone notice how many followers we are up to?  99.  Yep friends, one away from 100!  Heather and I are working on a fun little giveaway to celebrate our almost 100 followers.  Hopefully we will be meeting that BIG mark soon!

Happy Tuesday!

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