Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Classroom Library Management

Hello everyone!  I thought I would share a cool product I found on Really Good Stuff for those people that are wanting an organized library but are too lazy pressed for time to create their own system.  I first got this idea from Juli but of course she had organized and coded her books using a system she herself created....she is a freak of nature I tell you!  I can't decide if she is super human or just secretly lives in a time warp the rest of us don't know about cause the girl gets EVERYTHING done!
Anyway - back to the point, I decided I would copy this system but in typical Heather timing - it took several months for me to get around to actually doing it. In that time, a Really Good Stuff magazine came in and I was looking through it.  There I found the exact same thing Juli had done but it was already done and I only had to pay a few dollars for it! SOLD!!!
So here is how it works...we have our libraries organized in baskets such as "Realistic Fiction Picture Books" or "Fantasy Chapter Books." Same as most of you I imagine.  When conferencing with students, Juli and I wanted a way to check on the level of book they were reading without plastering the Fountas and Pinnell level on it.  We don't want to discourage their picking of books based on a level - we merely want to monitor it to see that they are making good choices.  We also didn't want students to be self conscious about what book level they are reading.  This system uses a variety of color circles on the front of the book - green through blue along with a number inside that circle 1-4. The color and number indicate to what level they are reading on but I am the only one who knows the codes. I know it sounds confusing but I promise it's not!  Here is what the circles look like:
I bought just the circles for $6.99. Then I bought and used the correlation chart to put a sticker on each book in my library.  The correlation chart is below and only cost $2.99!!
It gives you way more information than just guided reading levels such as grade levels, lexile levels, etc.  Here is an example of one of my books:
It is a yellow 3 which means that it is a Fountas and Pinnell level L. But none of my kids need to know that - I want them to choose books based on interest and readability. I don't want them uncomfortable or restricted by the book level they are currently reading at.  I get to monitor reading choices and they are oblivious - it is WIN WIN! I hope you find this helpful. I love ideas that are easy and affordable but help out a lot in the classroom. I find this to be all those things.

Oh I we haven't forgotten our giveaway! Thank you to everyone who said they would donate something. We will be in touch soon. We are still getting it all together.

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  1. Heather, can we donate our Book Retriever Classroom Library App? It is much cheaper and you can print labels from the app with all of the reading levels!

    plus you can manage your library from the app.