Sunday, September 2, 2012

Juli's Classroom

Oh my goodness!  Have we ever been MIA or what?!  This school year started for us this week with kids and I have to admit that I have passed out every day this week after school with little to no thought of this blog!  I am worn out and I know that Heather is as well!  We haven't been slacking off, I assure you!  Instead we have been busily getting ready for the new batch of second grade babies that we get to call our own this school year.  Since I started teaching, I can't remember a start of school on on Monday, so for us this year a full week of school has really been killer!  We had a great first week!  I don't want to jinx anything for my year, but I must admit I am in LOVE with my class already!  While it was tiring, it was amazing and I can't wait for the next 175 days with them.  I really didn't do much cute or fun stuff this first week of school that I can share with you, but I can give you a little tour around my classroom.  I will make sure Heather gives you a tour of her room too, because it is super adorable!  

For the past 11 years, I have been Roach's RockStars!  I am so glad that so many companies have started to make Rock Star themed classroom materials!  This is the wall outside my classroom.  I have combined three different companies for this look.  The Bulletin Board set is by Carson Dellosa.   The Rocker Chic Border and Pink Sassy Solids Border are both by Frog Street Press.  As well as the letters.  I glued the guitars to clothespins and hung them in the hall below my board.  This is where I will display their work for the hallway.                                       
The door to  my classroom, was inspired by Pinterest (I mean what isn't inspired by Pinterest these days!?!).  I found this printable one here.

As you enter my classroom, you come to this amazing find that I discovered at Michaels.  All of our students have to wear name tags that are used to check out books in the library, during their connect classes (special areas), and buying lunch in the cafeteria.  My students are notorious for losing these cards and I decided that I needed a system in place for keeping track of them.  This jewelry holder was the perfect item!
The listening area. (Still missing notebooks and pillows)

On the end of the blue bookshelf that sections off my listening center is my birthday board that I got from Hope King! (Still missing their sweet little faces!)

I made these little signs for my kids to know which Connect Class we go to each day.  This can be confusing because we are on a 6 day rotation!

My easel area.  I spend the majority of my time in this area.  

My blank walls.  I framed them with border but decided to leave them blank so that I have room for all of my anchor charts.  (Also notice the wall of bookshelves.  I finally finished my library that I worked on all summer long.  I posted about it here.  I am so pleased with the final product!)

My calendar.  I used the rest of that Rock Star Bulletin Board set by Carson Dellosa and the Calendar itself and numbers are Frog Street Press.

This might be my favorite part of the front of the room.  I got these printables from Technology Rocks Seriously.   I made the right side to match the colors from the left side.  This is where my objectives will be stated daily.  

I don't know about you, but my OCD tendencies force me to have everything symmetrical.  

This is a fun addition to my front board that keeps the kids guessing!  I framed my class picture from when I was in the second grade for the kids to guess which one I am.  

My workshop board where the kids look to see where they are in rotations for math and reading rotations.  

My new U Table.  This was built by the husband of a friend of mine.  It is quite possibly the MOST amazing U table on the planet!  My friend moved to Middle School and doesn't have room for this table any longer.  Instead of collecting dust in her garage, she has entrusted me to keep it for her in case she decides that she has to come back to Elementary School.  (Side note, I spoke with said friend on Friday and she informed me that she may never come back to elementary school, she loves middle school so much.)   

A view from the back of the table.

I used a cool app on my phone called Photosynth that allows me to take panoramic pictures.  I thought it would be fun to take a picture of my entire room.  So awesome!  

Thanks for hanging with me for the long post.  I hope you enjoyed looking at my classroom!

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