Friday, September 7, 2012

Nouns and Verbs

The first two weeks of school has been chock full of procedures and rules, and a little fun thrown in there.  Does anyone else plan all kinds of things to do with their classes and then find they have just walked in the hallways, and practiced moving around the classroom and building, and little of the stuff planned gets done?  I was in that boat this week.  Then I realized that I needed to review nouns and verbs quickly.  So I searched my most beloved blogs and found one of my go to faves, Amy Lemons, with some fantastic noun activities and verb ones too!  My kids did great with all the activities she had in her packs so I wanted to put an activity for my kids to work on independently next week in their literacy rotations.  It isn't much but it will be a good little hands on activity for them to use in stations but it also includes a recording sheet that I can check understanding with too.  You can click on the picture below to pick up your copy of it.  Best of all...It's free!!!  Now, I've gotta get geared up for adjectives next week!
Happy Friday!!

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