Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Break?

Hello everyone! Juli is in Hawaii!! While I curriculum writing. Could our summers be more different???

Juli is enjoying a much deserved, kid free vacation with her hubby. I am sure she is getting some amazing pictures and will be hopefully posting them for us to enjoy when she returns.

Now onto the ever exciting world of curriculum writing. The first day I was treated to a thrilling introduction to UbD (Understanding by Design). Yesterday I was able to gain a deeper understanding of Performance Tasks. For the rest of the week I get to dive in to curriculum maps and design for K-2 ELA.  I imagine Juli is doing her best to control the enormous amount of jealousy that must be bubbling up inside of her. She will unfortunately have to content herself with sand, palm trees, and tan lines. Please feel free to take a small moment of your time to extend your thoughts to Juli and her suffering.

But seriously, in all honestly, going through this has really deepened my understanding of not just my curriculum but the curriculum before and after second. If you have not done much with vertical alignment, take some time to see the curriculum beyond your world whenever you get the chance.

That said, given the chance - I would rather be in Hawaii!

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