Sunday, September 27, 2015

Number Words

It's Sunday!  Does your brain work extra hard on Sundays like mine?  I try so hard to take care of school things on Friday afternoons and some Saturday mornings and spend the rest of my weekends relaxing.  But something happens on Sundays.  I begin thinking about the upcoming week and everything that I haven't gotten done!!!

I am embarking on a new adventure this year.  I am teaching in a 50/50 Spanish/English immersion program.  I am paired with a wonderful teacher from Chile and we have a class of 24 and a class of 23 students that we share.  We teach identical days, me in English and her in Spanish, and our kids flip flop back and forth between the two of us.  So each day I have a different class than the day before.  When all is said and done, I will have taught each class for 90 days in English.

This week we were working on representing numbers in standard form, expanded form, base ten blocks, and number words.  WOAH!  I found myself at a loss when it came to the number word form.  I am unsure if it is that my students are bilingual, or just a rough year, but I found myself needing number words for my wall that covered numbers to 999.  By no means are these fancy, but they cover all numbers in standard form and number word form from:


I printed them, mounted them on colorful card stock, laminated them, and hung them on my wall.  I am hoping they will be a huge help and resource to my students as they learn how to spell these number words. Click on the picture below to pick up your own free copy!

Happy Sunday!

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