Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break

Oh my word!  Does Spring Break totally refresh and rejuvenate you like it does me?!?  This has been such a wonderful week.  I hate to see it going by so quickly!  It has been filled with nothing but fun and relaxation!  We had an egg drop at our church this week.  We dropped 20,000 eggs out of a helicopter.  My kids loved that!!!

We have had beautiful weather that has allowed for endless hours of playing outside, riding bikes, and enjoying sweet treats in shorts and T Shirts!

I have also enjoyed a little extra time to get some school work done.  Heather and I are embarking on a very new and exciting adventure next year.  I am sure you will be hearing lots about it in the upcoming months.  But I needed some new baskets, so my kids and I had a fun excursion driving from store to store looking for these cute green baskets.  After visiting 5 different stores, I think I finally have enough.  You may remember my blue baskets from my post here.  Next year I am going to have 2 classes.  A blue class and a green class.  So naturally, with adding another class full of kids, I need some baskets! :-)

But the one thing that Spring Break does for me is make me LONG for summer break.  How about you!?!  We officially have 47 school days remaining and 70 days left until Summer Break and I can't wait!!!

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