Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shape Concentration

Do you remember the post where I talked about teaching shapes with the shape book?  You can refresh your mind here.  Heather and I teach our weekly skill during our guided math groups.  However, when students are rotating through their independent math stations, we have them review skills from the week before.  So the week following our shapes lessons, we needed some stations that allowed the students to practice what they had learned the week before and be able to work independently.  For our math game station, I made a shape concentration game that would let the students identify the shapes as well as use attributes to identify them.  I unfortunately did not snap any pictures of my students using this game (I was too busy teaching this week's guided math lessons on partitioning circles and rectangles into rows and columns).  You can pick up your own copy by following my link to my TPT store on the side of the blog, or by clicking the picture below.

On an unrelated note, Heather and I didn't have school on Friday due to "snow".  To put it in perspective to understand just how little snow we had, my 6 year old woke up on Friday morning and asked why we weren't going to school.  I explained that we had a snow day.  When she looked outside, she said "but Mommy, that is just frost!"  EXACTLY!

So, we got ourselves a day off, which seems like a great thing since we don't have school on Monday or Tuesday this coming week giving our students a 5 day weekend.  However, now thanks to our "frost day" we will now be in school on Saturday morning!!  BOO!!!!!  So we have been busy enjoying our 5 day weekend since next weekend will only be a 1 day weekend.

Happy Shape Matching!

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