Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ice Cream Centers Part 2

Let me just start off this post with..."Better late than never right!"  Nothing like posting this AFTER everyone gets out of school.  I would say that it is being overwhelmed with 2 small children, but Juli has 3 so that excuse doesn't work. Next I would try saying that I have been swamped with end of year responsibilities but we all have so that doesn't work either.  So I think I will go with - I have been so busy thinking up an excuse for why this has taken so long that it has taken a really long time to get this posted!  ANYWAY...the centers went really well.  I used a combo of the ones Juli has on her TPT store along with mine.  I have created a variety of centers, synonym and antonym matching to parts of speech matching.  I also did some non fiction templates for All About Ice Cream writing. Every center worked beautifully in a folder and has a recording sheet for each student.  The kids had a good time and I managed to get much needed end of year paperwork done.  You can find all the centers HERE.  The picture below is of my students enjoying one of Juli's centers. I placed them all in similar folder formats so you can see how any of the centers will look.  If you have any other ice cream ideas we could use for next year, we would love to hear from you!

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