Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden Update

I was over at the school watering our garden that we posted about last month.  Everything was looking so good and grown up that I thought I would snap a picture and share with everyone.  Due to growth you can no longer see the array we planted.  However, I know our children are going to be beyond ecstatic when they see how much "their" plant has grown. I strongly encourage anyone considering a garden for their school to go ahead with it. What a wonderful learning opportunity for all grades.  We managed to get arrays and lady bug life cycles out of our garden.  We have all really enjoyed it. Juli and I were discussing going over to an empty bed and planting pumpkin seeds soon. This of course would fit right into all sorts of math activities come October. Juli can post more about that, but carving and counting seeds alone brings in almost every sort of graph imaginable. There is  all sorts of measurement possibilities as well. Hope everyone is having a relaxing summer. Juli is at the beach and I will be headed that way next week. What is everyone else up to?

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  1. Hi Heather! I love that you have a garden at school! I used to be an avid gardener but am now living in the Phoenix area and its just too darn hot to be outside!

    I teach second grade too and found you in the linky on Farley's blog!