Saturday, April 27, 2013

Full Moon

Wowzah!  What a week.  Did anyone else feel this way?  I feel like I woke up on each day this week (including Monday!) thinking this was the longest week ever!  My kids were a little off kilter this week.  I checked my moon phase app on my phone daily this week (yep you read that correctly, I have a moon phase app on my phone!) to see if there was a full moon.  Then finally on Thursday when I looked it up, it finally validated what I had been feeling all week long, the moon app said this:

As I was driving to school on Thursday, this is what I saw!  (I promise I was stopped at a light when I snapped the pic!)

Despite the craziness, we still managed to have a great week as we focused on Earth Day and the Lorax.  The weather was beautiful and we were able to get in some gardening!  Heather and I found ourselves in the gardens after school because we had SO much lettuce.  I am so thrilled that we planted when we did in January.  It was a gamble since this winter was pretty harsh for around here.  But now, our kids have had the joy watching our gardens mature and have been able to harvest their hard work.  We headed out this week with my little girl who is in Kindergarten.  She loves to help in the garden and does a great job picking lettuce for us.  She even places one piece of lettuce at a time on each of my kids' desks so it is fair.  Then the kids bag them all up.  It's a great little system.  So far in the last 2 weeks, my kids have taken 3 quart bags of lettuce home with them.  Remember I have 25 kids in my class, so if you do the math that is 75 quarts of lettuce that we have harvested so far!!!
Here is Heather harvesting for her kids.

We do let our kids go out and pick the lettuce themselves.  They've been also taking home parsley, dill, cilantro, and spinach.  But we have found that to keep up with the lettuce, we have to go out in between as well.  It is a good problem to have!  We are having a blast.  Have I mentioned how much I love gardening with kids!?!

We are officially on the countdown around here.  28 days.  What is your countdown?  We'd love to hear from you!  Got anything fun planned for the end of the year.  I know I am excited to start the balloon pop for the final 20 days!

Oh and one more fact before I go, the next full moon won't be until Saturday, May 25th!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. The moon did look cool on Thursday! I couldn't get a good picture of it, but it was huge!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade