Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Place Value

November has arrived.  I LOVE and hate November!  The reasons that I LOVE November?  My birthday is on Veteran's Day and my first daughter was born on Thanksgiving Day!  I also love Thanksgiving as a holiday.  I have descendants that were on the Mayflower so I love the history of the Pilgrims and teaching my kids about Plymouth and the first Thanksgiving!  I also think it is just wonderful that we take the time to acknowledge the things that we are thankful for.  We sometimes focus on the negative and the things we want and don't have.  We all have so many things to be thankful for so I really like that about the month of November.

Those are great reasons to love the month of November so how could I hate November???   Well, we don't have a full week of school in November at all!  I am a very structured person who thrives on consistency, much like children!  Short weeks for me always seem to make me feel "off" and I don't like feeling like that.  It also interrupts our routines so then my kids are all off!!!  Another reason is that National Board Scores are almost always released in November.  I have worked on it for 2 years and now I await the scores to be released for the 3rd and final time.  It is a funny thing that you work so hard on it until March, then you submit and sort of forget about the scores being released.  Then November hits and the thoughts, dreams, and dread begin!  So, hopefully this time when the scores are released I will a wonderful reason to be even more Thankful!

In the meantime, here is a fun little pack for you as you get ready for Thanksgiving. Do your kids, just like ours need more practice on Place Value?  I have updated my Passing with Place Value pack to have a Thanksgiving Theme!  Make sure to head over to my TPT store to check it out!!

 Happy November!

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