Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Post Ever!

So here we are!  For the better part of this school year we have done nothing but stalk teacher blogs.  We talked and talked all year about how wonderful it would be to join such a fabulous group of amazing teachers.  We have been SO inspired by all of the wonderful teachers out there, that we wanted to have a place to share our things too!

My name is Juli and I am a second grade teacher.  I have taught for 11 years and I absolutely LOVE what I do.  I am also a mom to three "small" children.  I put small in quotations because I have seriously just woken up from what I can only attribute to a walking coma and realized that my three kids are not so small anymore.  I had three babies in three years which has placed me into some sort of category of CUH-RAZY!  However, things seem to be getting easier now that I have a 6, 5, and 4 year old.

I teach in North Carolina with a team of great girls who inspire and encourage me to be a better teacher every day.  One of those team members is my partner in crime, best teacher I have seen in action, and seriously the funniest person I know, Heather.  I know you all know how it is, sometimes even though teaching is such a grand, noble, rewarding profession (just a teensy bit of sarcasm) there are days that you just don't know if you have it in you to come back the next day.  Am I the ONLY one out there who has these days?  But truthfully, when I do feel this way, I rely on Heather and her perspective that make me laugh, smile, and want to come back tomorrow and just keep going.  I've got her back and I know she's got mine.  I am so glad that you've stopped in and can't wait to show you all what we are up to in our little second grade world that is super, but SIMPLE!!


Now here's Heather to tell you a little about herself...

What a fabulous introduction!!  I have also taught for 11 years. All of the years, except one, in second grade.  I am also a mother.  I have 2 boys - ages 4 and 1 who are the loves of my life along with my husband of course!  Other than a mother and a teacher, I have no hobbies! I would love to do more but I can barely get myself dressed after fulfilling those first 2 obligations.

As Juli said we teach in North Carolina with a wonderful group.  I couldn't imagine working with a group of people that I don't have fun with.  When you work with children all day long, you have to have people you can laugh with or you would go crazy!  I am lucky enough to have one of those great people be Juli.  Before meeting Juli I was that teacher that opened up the plan book from the year before and taught the same ole lessons I had the year before.  Juli is a master of the curriculum and incredibly creative and innovative. She opened up a whole new world of teaching to me.  We have had the most fun thinking up and creating new things.  I hope you enjoy seeing the things we do as much as we enjoy doing them!


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