Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Arbor Day

This past Friday was Arbor Day.  We used Earth Day and Arbor Day to have 2 great weeks of Earth friendly learning.  The week prior to Earth Day, we did a unit with The Lorax.  The week following Earth Day (and the week of Arbor Day) we did a week long unit with The Great Kapok Tree and learned about Rain forests.  We are very pleased with how well both weeks turned out.  We love how we can use so many skills within the framework of one story or as in the case of this week 2 stories!).  As a culmination of both weeks, we took the entire 2nd grade to see The Lorax at the local movie theatre.  What a fun day!  Not to mention all of the comparing and contrasting we could do with the book, and both the old and new version of the movie.  Then later, a colleague's husband who works for a tree company in town, brought a tree to add to a tree that Heather donated.  He taught us how to plant and care for trees and the kids had so much fun, they cheered!  

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