Thursday, January 24, 2019

Comparing Numbers

I am convinced that this has been one of the longest weeks in the history of weeks. We were out of school for MLK day and then we had a teacher workday on Tuesday. But for some reason, just being in school for 3 days this week has been rough!

Our county has taken on a new pacing guide this year. Place value was moved to the second semester of school (we began Wednesday). I have always taught place value at the very beginning of the school year so this has felt a little foreign for me.

We have a great handle on ways to name a number. Monday begins our comparing numbers. I quickly made a differentiated guided math lesson for my students to use at the beginning of the week. I like hand on activities for them and I think this will be great practice for them.

I also like how I can stick this in a math center in the weeks following for them to review! You can pick up a copy of it in my TPT store now for free!

Happy Comparing!

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