Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall and Frenzied

Wowza!  I feel like every time we get on to blog we are complaining about how stressed we are.  It has to be said though...we are STRESSED.  I hope that we aren't the only ones feeling the pressure.

Last year seemed to be quite stressful with the addition of all those extra kids.  Let's just say that it is a good thing that didn't happen THIS year.  I am quite certain my family would have me committed!  This is the most challenging year I have had to date in 13 years of teaching.  I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like it.

With that being said, I love my class.  They have lots of needs and they are exhausting.  But I love them.  They have fun personalities, they make me laugh, and they love to be at school (even if for most of them I am asking them to do near impossible things!)

This week we had a short week.  We took our kids to the zoo on Thursday and then had a half day on Friday.  Tomorrow we will not be having school so that teachers can get some much needed time in their classrooms.  I have scheduled parent conferences for tomorrow so I am looking forward to meeting with my parents and discussing their kids!

This past week we spent 3 and 1/2 days reviewing skip counting.  Seems like a simple enough task for these kids.  However, we pretty much can only do it up to 100.  Past 100 is hit and miss and all the way to 1,000 is laughable.  We spent lots of time evaluating and discovering number patterns this week.

So this coming week, we have decided to use my Fall Activities pack for the kids to review.  It should be fun for them and the fall decor is perfect for the weather we have had here in NC.  I love October so it seems perfect to embrace the fall weather while practicing our skip counting.

Be sure to head over to my TPT store and pick up a copy for yourself before Fall leaves us!  As always, first comment gets a copy for free!

Happy Fall!

Check out all the awesome stuff that you get in the pack!!! (There's much more, but I couldn't do a preview of ALL 51 pages that it includes)  The range is from 5-1,000.  It is a perfect pack to use to differentiate!!

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  1. I actually need skip counting since I teach K-3, and that is a skill we all practice at various levels.