Saturday, August 10, 2013

MIssing In Blog Action! Catching up...

So about that summer we didn't blog at all....

You may or may not have noticed Juli and I didn't blog this summer. It wasn't planned or discussed at all. I imagine it has something to do with our families. Juli has 3 kids and I have 2. We had talked about all the great things we were going to make this summer for TPT and all the awesome blog topics we had. Then summer actually started. I think I speak for us both when I say we just needed to spend all of our time focused on our families.  All you fellow teacher moms can relate - we spend all year frantically putting as much as possible into our classroom while trying to be Super Mom at home. The slow pace of summer allowed me to be completely immersed into my children's world. I decided mid summer to stay there and enjoy the small window of time I get to be with these amazing little people I brought into this world.  Now that summer is coming to a close I am stopping by to catch up.  Hopefully with regular blog posts now that school will be starting.  I thought I would use this post to show what an amazing summer I have had with the 4 men in my life.  DISCLAIMER: no educational value what so ever in this post - just a peek into my life these days.  I personally love when the bloggers I follow show their lives outside the classroom. My apologies to any readers that don't.

Man #1 - my husband
Isn't he handsome?  He is driving the new boat my father in law purchased. Much of our time is now spent on the lake cruising up and down in this thing. I refer to it as a floating play pen because my boys can play and I don't have to worry about them wondering off.  It is a lazy mother's dream!
We are having Juli and family over at the end of the month so maybe we will have fun pictures to share.

Man #2 and #3 - my sons
They are so much fun! And work! And by work I mean mind numbing, endless demands, mess making tornadoes! But I wouldn't trade a single second.  Our best friends have two boys as well so we had a lot of fun with them. Here are some of my favorite moments with them:
Man #4 - my puppy
Turns out Banjo is quite the little lake dog!  He has his own little life vest and jumps right in.  He is still in puppy stage, which has exhausting and expensive.  His latest adventure was eating my underwear. Yep! You read that correctly...he ate my underwear. That was our ticket of fun to the ER vet.  The staff loved it. Anything I can do to bring a little fun to a vet office I guess.
How often do you get discharge papers like this?  The vet asked if I would like my underwear back! With a straight face! I thanked her for offering but decided to leave that pair with them. I prefer my undergarments predigested.  I don't think that makes me a diva or anything.

So that's my summer. We have one week left and then it's teacher workdays. Sigh. I have enjoyed seeing everyone's classroom set ups. Juli and I will have to do a post with our classroom pics once we get our rooms put together.  Thanks for stopping by!

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