Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reasons for My Blogging Absense

Whew! Long time, no blog!  Who knows where this blog would be if it wasn't for Juli.  I have had a lot going on.  Lots of reasons for my lack of appearance on this blog...
Reason Number One:
Our new puppy! If you are a follower of our blog then you know that we lost our dog Georgia in January.  About a month ago we decided to get a new puppy. His name is Banjo.

 Isn't he cute?!  He has one blue eye and one brown eye which I love.  Here he is below meeting my boys for the first time. 

As cute and cuddly as he is, he is a lot of work! House training isn't going as well as I would have hoped.  I also didn't want to crate him at first so I spent about 3 weeks getting up in the middle of the night so he could potty.  That got old FAST and my husband was getting tired of being a human chew toy at 3 am so we bought a crate. He now sleeps in his own room in a crate with a comfy bed.  No more accidents at night but we are still working on using the pads or going outside when he is out and about. We also discovered he has a tumor on his eye - his cornea to be exact. Due to it's placement, the vet cannot do the operation.  We have been referred to a veterinary ophthalmologist - who even knew such a profession existed???  As with any person whose title ends with "gist", he is charging an INSANE amount to remove this tumor.  We have to remove the tumor or Banjo could lose his eye. So here's to hoping my TPT sales take off.  At this rate, Banjo has cost more than any piece of furniture in my house!

Reason Number Two:
DRAMA! The drama in my classroom continues, much to my dismay and exhaustion.  Makes me glad that I have 2 boys!  Everyday several girls are reduced to tears for various mean things said to one another.  I am afraid the next one in tears will be me! It takes so much energy to address the smallest things ALL the time!  There are fingers waving, hair swishing, and "Oh no you didn't" postures in my room at every turn.   One day coming in from recess I saw a shirt that one of Juli's little girls was wearing. Juli snapped a picture of it and I am now trying to figure out how to get one in my size and work it into my wardrobe for the remaining school days.  

Please excuse my appearance! Juli failed to mention that I looked somewhat like roadkill when she took it.  It's the drama - it is physically wearing down what I look like! Plus this was at the end of the day and recess....bless my heart.

Reason Number Three:
New product! I have been busy creating activities for our math workshop stations.  I put this one up at TPT if anyone is teaching this standard.  It meets 2.OA.1  This is a standard our kiddos are really struggling with.  I made this for our math game station.  It allows the students to play a game, practice the standard, and includes a recording sheet for teachers to get a glimpse of student understanding.

You can click HERE to see this product at TPT. Like Juli always does though, first to comment gets it free! I would also love some feedback to see if there are improvements that can be made. Make sure you leave an email address for me to send to if you are the first to comment. THANKS!

I have other products and a few freebies to share but those are on my computer at school so they will have to wait for another day.  Now that we have our new Macs that Juli told you about, I am hoping I won't have products spread out on different computers.

I am off to tackle Reason Number Four that I don't blog often - laundry! It's never ending. Is it living with 3 boys or do all houses have this much laundry?  I love this pin even though I have yet to experience those 12 seconds!

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  1. Things are always hectic this time of year! Welcome back!

  2. 1-The puppy is adorable. I am getting one in June!
    2-Read the book, Each Kindness to your girls. I read it every time we have some drama flare ups and it seems to help remind them to try and treat each other a bit better.

    Chickadee Jubilee